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Cabinets Re-facing

Re-facing cabinets is the longest process of Cabinet remodeling. This process is second longest to changing your cabinets; however, it is about 40%-55% cheaper then changing your cabinets. Re-facing cabinets has the same refinishing process, just requires some other changes to your cabinets.

Re-Facing cabinets could consist of changing:

  • Cabinet doors
  • Drawer fronts
  • Handles
  • Counter

Most cabinet re-facing just consists of changing things mentioned above, while keeping the boxes the same. However, because changing the boxes is not part of the regular re-facing process, it doesn’t mean we can't update them by adding some detail to make them more modern.

Things to change on the cabinet boxes:

  • Crown Molding on the top of the boxes
    • Makes the cabinet look more modern and appealing.
      Millwork on the side of the boxes
  • Adding millwork on the side of the boxes updates the look by making it more modern and appealing as well. 

Re-facing cabinets means bringing it a new look, so this doesn’t always mean changing almost everything.
Often times instead of changing the cabinet doors and drawer fronts, we just remold them into a more appealing and modern look by cutting (in and out) some detail in them with various machines.

  • This saves 50% more money on the doors, while keeping your kitchen doors with the same structure you came to love.