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Cabinets Painting

The process of repainting cabinets is one of the simpler service we provide. This service is great for when your cabinets are in good condition, but the color is a bit outdated.

Process for repainting the cabinets:

  • Sand the whole kitchen to bring everything to an even surface
    • The type of sanding depends on previous paint job
      • More sanding required if kitchen has paint leaks, dents, or bumps
  • Use wood filler to fill major holes, cracks, dents
  • Sand the filled spots lightly
  • Prime the kitchen
    • We prime the kitchen with the same color as the end result
      • This extends the kitchens life because in case the kitchen is hit, it’s the same color underneath and the damage isn't as visible
  • After the kitchen is primed, all imperfections are visible
    • We use special filler that hardens up really well and fill in all imperfections to make the kitchen perfect
    • Often after sanding the fillings, the kitchen needs to be primed again
  • Light sanding job after priming
  • Repaint Kitchen

Typically takes 2-3 coats